Meet Me

My name is Jill but everyone calls me Jilly. I live a tiny home near apple orchards and the ocean with my husband and our rescued beagle. I design cross stitch patterns inspired by vintage French linens, French motifs and flower gardens. Roses are my muse. My favorite colors are raspberry pink, French blue and antique gold.

I hope you have a cozy and gentle time stitching my patterns. Put the kettle on, relax and create a heartwarming piece of hand embroidered art. Stitch your stress away while flowers flow from your needle. Please visit my Shop to browse the cross stitch patterns and notions.   

I live a small and simple life with my husband, Tom, and rescued beagle, Ellie, in an tiny home by the sea. My husband is a scientist. I work part time as a counselor in a crisis center. We reside in coastal New England, on the North Shore of Boston. I enjoy riding my vintage bike in summer and taking my dog for walks on the winter-beaches.  Ordinary days and quiet moments bring me joy.

In between pattern posts, I happily share lots of my favorite recipes and a few craft projects too. I'm mindful of where my food comes from, trying my best to support humane farming. Good cooking starts with a spark of interest, quality ingredients and a thoughtful approach. Cooking is a wonderful way to express yourself. I love to cook as much as I love to cross stitch. 

I've also lived in New York City and Philadelphia, PA. My maternal great grandfather was a coal miner from Lithuania. As a hobby, he made clothes and quilts. My grandfather sold textiles. My grandmother made Christening gowns. My parents owned a restaurant. Sewing and cooking are in my roots. 

My husband and I are primarily on a quest to come closer to God through our Catholic faith. We've found much truth and beauty there. We have a deep love for The Blessed Virgin Mary, admiring her mercy, humility and her "yes" to God's will for her life.   

We're flawed creatures, trying our best to trust in God. We believe in balancing private prayer, churchgoing and social justice issues. We work at keeping our hearts open. We look inward, patiently working on ourselves. Prayer and silent reflection are very much part of our path to peace. God's first language is silence. You can read more about our spirituality, some thoughts on solitude and simplicity here.  

I'd love to hear from you! I enjoy working with companies. I only endorse brands that I stand behind. I believe in linking readers with products that I use in my recipes and needlework projects. My services include new product testing, brand ambassadorship and freelance recipe writing. Please click on my Press Page for more details

Peace and Blessings! 
Jilly, Tommy & Ellie 


  1. Jill you are so talented! I can't cook or sew, but I will be stopping by to admire your work. Maybe one day I can learn by ogling ;-)

    1. Ying, so sweet of you to say! You're certainly very talented at what you do! Thank you for visiting. I hope this blog provides you many hours of ogling! Thank you for your kind comments! xo

  2. What a Great Site! You are obviously talented. I like the fact that you have God in your life. Your recipes look awesome. Can hardly wait to try them. These pictures are beautiful. I've been to MA. It's a lovely state.

    1. Hi There! Thanks so much for your kind comments! God is the center of everything....the pearl of great price. Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy the recipes. xx-Jilly

  3. Hi Jill! I miss talking to you on Facebook. You gave me such great advice! Anyhow, I plan on heading to Boston for a weekend trip and would love to meet up with you for coffee. Hope you are doing great! Have a wonderful holiday!